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MathAMATYC Educator
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MathAMATYC Educator

A refereed publication of the American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges

Editor: David Tannor, Cornerstone University
Production Manager: George Alexander, Madison Area Technical College

Publication Guidelines for Authors | Submit Article Online

Volume 6, Number 2, February 2015
Volume 6, Number 1, September 2014
Volume 5, Number 3, May 2014
Volume 5, Number 2, February, 2014

Volume 5, Number 1, September, 2013
Volume 4, Number 3, May, 2013
Volume 4, Number 2, February, 2013
Volume 4, Number 1, September, 2012
Volume 3, Number 3, May, 2012
Volume 3, Number 2, February, 2012
Volume 3, Number 1, September, 2011
Volume 2, Number 3, May, 2011
Volume 2, Number 2, February, 2011
Volume 2, Number 1, August, 2010
Volume 1, Number 3, May, 2010
Volume 1, Number 2, February, 2010
Volume 1, Number 1, September, 2009

MathAMATYC Educator policy on Errata, Addenda, Corrigenda, and Retraction

The MathAMATYC Educator is committed to quality and accuracy. We encourage any notice of inaccuracies or errors to be brought to our attention. Corrections will be published if we deem the reputation of the publication will be seriously affected. Errors related to, for example, grammar, layout, spellings, etc., that neither significantly affect the content of the publication nor readers’ comprehension, will not be addressed. All corrections will be made available on the journal’s website under the appropriate headings: Addenda, Corrigenda, Errata, and Retractions. On rare occasions an article will be retracted if it is later realized and accurately judged that its content, or parts of it, is false, is plagiarized, is defamatory, infringes on professional ethical code, undermines results, or the like.

We would like you to assist us in keeping the quality of the publication. Should you notice any inaccuracies, or have any suggestions and recommendations, please contact the journal editor.
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